Animal Screens – What are they For, and Do You Need Them?

Cat looking through animal screens

When the weather starts to warm up, we often start to think about leaving windows open. For most people, this isn’t an issue – the increased breeze makes those warm nights easier to get through. However, for pet owners, leaving the window open for any length of time can prove impossible. Plenty of pets, when faced with an open window, seem to immediately turn into escape artists. If you live in a busy area, or live in a tall building, this is obviously an issue. However, you do not have to put up with a closed and stuffy house all year long. Window animal screens can help protect your pets and your peace of mind – even with your windows open all day long.

What is an animal screen?

Window animal screens are mesh panels that fit across your window. They are functionally similar to insect screens, but with additionally sturdy mesh screening. This is to protect the screen against animals’ claws. Anyone with a cat, for example, will know how those claws get into everything. An animal screen is tough enough to put up with animals scratching at the, without being damaged.

What are animal screens for?

Animal screens are designed to allow you to leave windows and doors open, without allowing your pet to exit the house without your permission. Animal screens let cooling breezes into your home, without putting your pet at risk.

Does my pet need screening?

Some pets need to be screened more than others. This depends on a few factors – training, risk, likelihood of escape.


Dogs are the most trainable of the common pet animals. This means that for many people, they do not need to worry as much about them escaping through an open door. They are also not generally able to escape from a back garden – particularly if it is walled. They are also often too large to escape through a window. However, boisterous or enthusiastic dogs can sometimes need to be kept inside, particularly if they like to greet / bark at visitors.


Cats are the most likely animals to need to be kept inside. This is due to the prevalence of house-cats in the UK. Many people choose not to allow their cats out of the house, perhaps for safety reasons. If you live in a flat on a higher story, or you live near a busy road, then allowing your cat to roam freely outside may prove too dangerous for your liking. Cats are also notorious escape artists, making animals screens a popular choice.


Rodents – particularly hamsters, guinea pigs and mice are a popular pet. This is particularly true of people in smaller homes or flats, who may consider other pets to be too large. Rodent owners do not often allow their pets to roam freely, but those that do may need to keep them inside. Rodents are not particularly trainable, and can easily be lost in vegetation if they do manage to get outside.


Birds are a pet that often needs animal screening. Birds – wing clipping aside – are largely capable of flight, and are not easily trainable. This means that windows can prove an easy escape route for avian pets.

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