DEFENDER 200 Mobile Separation Screen

The DEFENDER 200 Mobile Separation Screen, a practical and robust solution designed to prioritise the safety of your workforce as they return to work. This lightweight separation screen offers all the necessary features to create a secure working environment, ensuring the well-being of employees in various industries.

The Mobile Separation Screen builds upon the benefits of the DEFENDER 100 model, providing enhanced durability and sturdiness. Manufactured with a stronger and heavier grade frame, featuring a 30mm OD and weighing an additional 4kgs, this screen is designed to withstand demanding work environments. The solid 1-piece curtain is attached through both a top and bottom rail, offering added stability and reliability.

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Invest in the DEFENDER 200 Mobile Separation Screen to create a secure working environment and minimise the risk of transmission. Contact us today to learn more about this product and discover how it can contribute to the safety and success of your business.

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OUTER FRAME DIMENSIONS 1460MM (4 FT 7″) W X 1900MM (6 FT 3″ ) H
CURTAIN DIMENSIONS 1415MM (4 FT 8″) W X 1580MM (5 FT 2″) H

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Like its counterpart, the DEFENDER 200 Mobile Separation Screen is available with the option of an original welding curtain that adheres to ISO 25980 safety standards. This ensures optimal protection from welding flash and ignition, making it suitable for welding applications and industries where welding operations take place.

The DEFENDER 200 Mobile Separation Screen is available in two stock colours: red and clear. The red option provides a distinct and noticeable appearance, enabling clear differentiation and demarcation of different areas within the workspace. The clear option offers maximum visibility, promoting open communication and maintaining a sense of inclusivity in the working environment.

The outer frame dimensions measuring 1460mm (4 ft 7 in) in width and 1900mm (6 ft 3 in) in height, the DEFENDER 200 Mobile Separation Screen provides ample coverage to create an effective barrier. The frame is constructed from a 25mm black powder-coated steel tube, combining strength and durability to withstand the rigours of daily use.

The curtain dimensions of the DEFENDER 200 Mobile Separation Screen are 1415mm (4 ft 8 in) in width and 1580mm (5 ft 2 in) in height. This generous coverage ensures sufficient protection while allowing for comfortable working conditions and clear visibility. The curtain has a thickness of 0.4mm, guaranteeing reliable performance and longevity.

Transporting and storing the DEFENDER 200 Mobile Separation Screen is hassle-free, thanks to the accompanying outer carton with dimensions of 1730mm x 260mm x 100mm. With a weight of 12.4kgs, this screen strikes a balance between stability and manoeuvrability, providing ease of positioning and adjustment within the workspace.

By adhering to ISO 25980 safety standards, the DEFENDER 200 Mobile Separation Screen meets the necessary criteria for welding applications and ensures the highest level of protection for workers. With its robust construction, versatility, and commitment to safety, this separation screen is an ideal choice for businesses prioritising employee well-being and compliance with safety guidelines.

Yes we are able to supply a specially manufactured “Pet mesh” to stop any damage being caused to the mesh.

Although slide bolts and catches can be added to these screens on domestic installations they are not permitted for commercial properties due to health & safety reasons. They product is designed to stop airborne pests entering the premises rather than human intruders.

All product frames and accessories are supplied in white (RAL. 9010) and brown (RAL. 8016). Other colours are available upon request at an additional cost, please contact us for more information and your RAL. Chart colour reference code.

We install Nationwide mainland UK, including Scottish Highlands and Isles. We also have trading partners in both Northern & Southern Ireland that can assist with your installations, please contact us for more details.

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