Safety Screens - Flyscreens for your kitchen

For customers requiring a fly screen for their own kitchen, we understand the key is a low-profile screen that blends into its surroundings. We offer roller fly screens, sliding fly screens and bespoke fly screens for windows and doors, so no matter your need, we can help. For modern UPVC style windows, our white frames are typically the same colour as the existing window frame, meaning our high quality fly screens aren't noticeable at a glance. A sub frame allows us to fit away from the protruding handle.

For larger windowsills, our retractable Ventalite insect screens can work perfectly. The way the cassette box is fitted makes the window fly screen look like part of the existing window design. With the insect mesh itself, the standard black fibreglass mesh is unobtrusive, still letting light through.

Heavy Duty Fly Screen Fire Exit Security Doors_out

Heavy Duty Fly Screen Fire Exit Security Doors

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standard flyscreen security door_in

Heavy Duty Fly Screen Security Doors

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Hospital room with bed and chair in and two sliding ventilation windows open

Window Ventilation Screens

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An image of a kitchen window protected by an exterior flyscreen mesh

Standard Flyscreen

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White fly screen heavy duty door

Heavy Duty Door

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Interior view of white window with grey fly screen

Screen & Sub-Frame

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Open chain winder fly screen window

Chain Winder Fly Screen System

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Sliding fly screen window across a barred window

Sliding Screen

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Safety Screens - Protection for your family

Our insect screens for windows and doors for security offer our signature high quality and aesthetics, whilst still being able to prevent flying insects from entering. Our standard duty doors maintain the balance between durability and aesthetics, allowing you fresh air and the comfort of knowing you won't have to deal with flies or other insects. The lack of aluminium grille, used on the heavy duty model, adds a more refined appearance, whilst a robust aluminium section still allows it to withstand all of the elements.

For kitchen back doors, chain curtains can be used as a fly screen, available in a variety of colours and manufactured bespoke to fit your size of door. Make sure to contact us today with your questions, and we'll be more than happy to help you find the best option for you from our range of the highest quality fly screens.

Technician installing a vent a lite screen in commercial kitchen

The best technicians around

We pride ourselves on our staff retention, building up a wealth of knowledge and experience over many years. Some have been with us since the very start in 1989, over 27 years! There's nobody better in the business at ensuring customer satisfaction, with a quality installation and reliable service.

On site adjustments

For all our supply and fit jobs, our technicians make the screens up in their mobile work-shop vans. The measurements you have given us are purely for quoting purposes. Before setting about the task they'll double check the measurements, ensuring a perfect fit. This means that it doesn't matter if you're a few mm out. This process is purposely designed to take the pressure off you, our customer, and to ensure a more reliable and better fitted product.

A technician fitting a fly screen window
A technician preparing a screen for a window installation

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