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For any company involved in the food industry, pest control legislation states that there must be some form of insect screening in order to meet EHO standards. This covers not just restaurants and cafés but the entire supply chain.


Our fly screen doors are unquestionably the best around, proving tougher, longer lasting and more stylish than any of their competitors.


Our different levels of doors ensure that we can offer the right product for your premises, whether that be a busy factory floor, a city centre pub or your domestic premises.


A strong durable aluminium frame is available in white or brown as standard, but can be powder coated to any RAL colour on request. A variety of mesh options are available to suit different environments.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are unsure what design is best suited for your enquiry. Alternatively you can consult our FAQ page.

Flyscreen Doors Solutions

Protective Screens


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Defender No Gap Sneeze Guard

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DEFENDER 6x6 Mobile Separation Screen

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Defender Sneeze Guard

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Defender Sneeze Guard With Frame

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Defender PVC Sneeze Guard

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Defender Ceiling Mounted PVC Sneeze Guard

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Fitting a diagonal fly screen over a roof window

Case Study

Find out how a restaurant solved their fruity fly problem with a Safety Screens Sliding Flyscreen