Defender PVC Sneeze Guard

Introducing the Defender PVC Sneeze Guard, a lightweight and versatile solution designed to enhance workplace safety and promote a secure environment for employees. Engineered with precision, this innovative alternative to acrylic screens combines a 1mm optically clear PVC sheet with an aluminium frame, ensuring durability and ease of use.

One of the key benefits of our Defender PVC Sneeze Guard is its customisable nature. We understand that every office layout is unique, and that’s why we offer the flexibility to create screens in any size that suits your specific requirements. Whether you need a compact screen for individual workstations or a larger partition to separate communal areas, we can tailor the dimensions to perfectly fit your space.

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Choose the Defender PVC Sneeze Guard and invest in a solution that prioritises employee well-being, promotes a secure environment, and aligns with government guidelines. Contact us today for more information, and let us help you create a safe and protected workplace that instils confidence and peace of mind for everyone. You can read the guidelines in more detail here

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Frame Aluminium – Available in either white or brown
Frame colour White or brown as standard – powder coating extra
Material 1mm thick optically clear PVC
Dimensions Min size – 4002
Max size -12002

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The aluminium frame plays a crucial role in maintaining the tension of the PVC sheet, ensuring a secure and stable installation. Available in white or brown, the frame complements various office aesthetics and can be further customised with optional powder coating for an additional touch of style.

Installation options are diverse to accommodate different setups. Our Defender PVC Sneeze Guards can be clamped to the desk, providing a secure attachment that keeps the screen in place while optimising desk space. Alternatively, they can be left freestanding, offering flexibility and ease of mobility when necessary.

In alignment with government guidelines, implementing screening or barriers is highly recommended to separate workers in situations where social distancing becomes challenging. Our Defender PVC Sneeze Guard meets these guidelines and provides an effective solution to mitigate the risk of transmission. We encourage you to review the detailed government guidelines provided here for a comprehensive understanding of the recommended safety measures.

Rest assured, our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is unwavering. The 1mm optically clear PVC material used in our screens offers exceptional clarity while maintaining durability and resilience. Its transparency ensures unobstructed visibility, allowing for natural light to flow and maintaining a visually open workspace.

The Defender PVC Sneeze Guard is designed to adapt to your evolving needs, providing a practical solution to ensure the well-being of your employees. As workplace safety requirements continue to evolve, our versatile screens can be easily modified or relocated to accommodate changing circumstances.

With a minimum size starting from 400mm squared and a maximum size of 1200mm squared, our Defender PVC Sneeze Guard offers a wide range of dimensions to suit various office configurations. Whether you need a small screen for individual desks or a larger partition for open spaces, we have the flexibility to create the perfect fit for your workplace.

As you prioritise the safety of your employees and adapt to the new standards of workplace hygiene, our Defender PVC Sneeze Guard stands as a reliable solution. It combines practicality, durability, and adaptability to provide an effective barrier that promotes a secure and healthy working environment.

To further assist you in implementing the necessary safety measures, our dedicated team is ready to answer any questions you may have. We are here to guide you through the process, offering personalised support and expertise to ensure your workplace meets the recommended guidelines.

Yes we are able to supply a specially manufactured “Pet mesh” to stop any damage being caused to the mesh.

Although slide bolts and catches can be added to these screens on domestic installations they are not permitted for commercial properties due to health & safety reasons. They product is designed to stop airborne pests entering the premises rather than human intruders.

All product frames and accessories are supplied in white (RAL. 9010) and brown (RAL. 8016). Other colours are available upon request at an additional cost, please contact us for more information and your RAL. Chart colour reference code.

We install Nationwide mainland UK, including Scottish Highlands and Isles. We also have trading partners in both Northern & Southern Ireland that can assist with your installations, please contact us for more details.

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