Can your customer have a fly screen door?

Insect screen double door leading out to balcony

When you are on site visiting a customer, you want to make sure that they receive the best care you can provide. As a health and safety or pest control professional, you want to offer your clients complete, all round service. You might specialise in one or more aspect of pest control, but need assistance in offering others. Fortunately, Safety Screens can help you with offering one of the most important aspects of pest control – fly and insect screening.

What is a fly screen door?

A fly screen door is a major part of protecting many types of businesses against unwanted pests. It is a type of mesh and frame structure that covers over the area of a door entirely. This enables you to open the door without allowing bugs and insects to enter through the open space.

Who needs a fly screen door?

Many industries and business types are required by law to protect their premises against flies and pests. These businesses are most likely to be related to the food industries – not simply restaurants and cafes, but also any type of business that is associated with food preparation or storage. This might include businesses that produce ingredients, store elements of food, or pre-prepare whole meals.

When can we fit one?

We can fit a fly screen door over most types of door. We are experienced enough in fitting fly screen doors to enable almost all of the most awkward shapes and locations of doors to be screened. However, it is not always possible to fit one – particularly if there are certain objects in the way.

When can’t we fit a fly screen door?

On a few occasions a customer of yours may not be able to have a fly screen door installed to the kitchen door due to an alarm system or other obstructions in the way on the door frame. There are, however, alternatives available.

The perforated PVC curtains are a great alternative as it is a means of proofing from insects and adhering to food hygiene regulations yet keeps a healthy amount of air flow leading from the kitchen to outside and vice versa.

The Strips are easily removable for deliveries, if necessary, by simply being hooked off the stainless-steel hook-on track that is installed above the door frame where they are attached. These can also be replaced by the strip over a period if required.

We offer a range of fly screen doors to help meet and requirements you might have. From Two way fly screen doors to fly screen security doors, our wide range of screening options can help you meet regulations with ease.

To learn more about our full range of fly screen doors, check out the options available to you here.

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