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Repairing, or re-meshing, is a sustainable, cost-effective solution for a window or door with tears. It is the perfect alternative to replacing fly screens, whether they have holes, are broken, or have tears, we can make sure it’s fixed.

We offer a number of remeshing solutions that can suit 99% of fly screen products, with most mesh suitable for all of our window and door screens.

The only fly screen we cannot repair is the Ventalite range, as that unit comes installed within a sealed aluminium cassette.

In the case of businesses that fall under the jurisdiction of screening legislation requirements, re-meshing screens is a quick, cost-effective fix.

Three vans with their technicians prepared for an installation

The best technicians around

We pride ourselves on our staff retention, building up a wealth of knowledge and experience over many years. Some have been with us since the very start in 1989, over 27 years! There's nobody better in the business at ensuring customer satisfaction, with a quality installation and reliable service.

On site adjustments

For all our supply and fit jobs, our technicians make the screens up in their mobile work-shop vans. The measurements you have given us are purely for quoting purposes. Before setting about the task they'll double check the measurements, ensuring a perfect fit. This means that it doesn't matter if you're a few mm out. This process is purposely designed to take the pressure off you, our customer, and to ensure a more reliable and better fitted product.

A technician fitting a fly screen window
A technician preparing a screen for a window installation

You've got the job - Now what?

We strongly recommend giving us a ring from site, from where you can answer a few quick questions, including the dimensions of the screen. We also strongly recommend taking a photo and sending it across to us. These checks make sure we're quoting for the right product.

Once we've received the order, we'll start looking for a week when we are in that area of the country. Once we have a planned week commencing we'll contact you and your customer. We'll check a few details, such as parking, and if there's any inconvenient date or time for us to attend.


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