How can Pest Control Specialists offer Fly Screens?

Offer more services to your pest control clients – without needing to do any more work

Pest control specialists are exactly that – specialists. You are likely to know a huge amount about your specialist field, and be confident of your ability to help your customers sort out any issues they may have. However, how confident are you of our ability to offer a wider range of services to your customers?

Pest control is not limited to your narrow field of expertise. It takes into account every aspect of keeping a premises hygienic and free of pests. This means that there is always more to offer your customers than you might think you are able to offer them. Fly screening is a great way to offer an additional and often essential service to your offering. With Safety Screens, you don’t even need to know anything about screening to offer the service.

Fly and Insect Screening

Regular doors and windows are not designed with flies and insects in mind. They may let in cool breezes, but they also let in anything with wings. Fly screens are designed to allow air and light to pass through unhindered without allowing unwanted pests to enter the building. They can be fitted over windows or doors, either internally or externally. They prevent a wide range of unwanted pests from entering – although specialist mesh might be needed to prevent certain types of insect.

Who needs Screening?

Fly and Insect Screens are an essential part of maintenance and adherence to hygiene standards for many industries. While we can offer domestic screening, most of the customers you are likely to deal with on regular pest control visits will be commercial customers with either industrial or commercial properties.

Businesses involved in food preparation – at any stage – are required by law to have fly and insect screens. This might be at one end of the scale, such as a café or restaurant. However, it also includes food preparation factories, or even warehouses that store ingredients for food.

How do Safety Screens Help?

We often hear from pest control technicians that they do not understand the process behind installing fly screens, or that they do not feel confident offering the service.

With Safety Screens, this does not need to be an issue. To add insect screening to your pest control offering, simply give us a call when you are on site. We are the experts, so that you don’t need to be. We talk you through the process, and ask you for all the information that we will need while you are still on site. This way, we know that we’ve got all the info required.

When the time comes to install the screening, we handle the installation. We arrive in either unbranded, or branded to your business’ specification. We complete the installation of the screening, including any changes that need to be made to the original spec.

With Safety Screens, you can offer additional services to your clients with just a phone call – leaving you to collect the commission!