How do Fly Screens Benefit your Business?

A wasp on the outside of a window

Running a business is hard, and only getting harder. You need to make sure that your business has the tools and the conditions that it needs to succeed – without costing you too much to be successful. Even if you have the perfect product, and the greatest sales pitch, without the right working conditions, you will not be able to reach the heights you dream of. Building the right conditions for success isn’t just about having the right staff, or a quirky office. It’s about taking care of the small things, like fitting fly screens on your windows and doors.

How do fly screens benefit your business – and how do they effect different types of businesses?

Office fly screens

Warmer and warmer summers are increasing the need for offices and other work spaces to keep cool. Staff are finding working conditions harder and harder to cope with – leading to some businesses having to close their offices, as they are unable to keep them cool enough. While it might seem obvious to open the windows, this can lead to flies and other insects being able to enter, making the environment more uncomfortable and insanitary. Fly screens across windows make it possible to open them without allowing creatures to enter. This helps to make work places cooler and more comfortable, and in turn save money on air conditioning.

Food establishment fly screens

Businesses that work with food are required to protect themselves from insects and other sanitation issues. Fly screens are required for any business that is involved in food preparation and production. This is not just cafes and restaurants, but factories and other businesses that produce ingredients for food, or other products that will be involved in the food industry.

Factory fly screens

Many types of factories need to be kept to certain standards of hygiene. It is not just food related businesses that need to keep clean, but also businesses that produce anything which needs to remain clean, including chemicals, pharmaceutical products and more. These sorts of factories can often become overly warm, making them an uncomfortable working environment to be in. Fly screens on windows and doors can help keep factories both cool and hygienic.

Care home screening

Care homes and retirement communities need to be kept clean and hygienic. Flies and insects are not just dirty, but can also contribute to the spread of injuries and disease. Older people who are living in assisted living, or care home facilities need a clean and safe environment to be comfortable. For businesses that are running such facilities, it is important to ensure that everyone is both safe and comfortable. Being able to safely keep windows and doors open can help cool the building, while ensuring it is hygienic.

Fly screens are an increasingly essential part of keeping a business efficient and hygienic. Fly screens might benefit your business to keep them clean and cool. To learn more about our range of fly screens, check out our range of potential screening options, or get in touch to discuss what might be best for you.