How Effective are Sneeze Guards, and Do I Need One?

Desk sneeze guard with no gap on a table

Sneeze Guards

During the Covid-19 pandemic, people went to greater lengths than ever before to put up physical barriers between employees and customers. While in larger chains and businesses, you might have seen permanent structures put in place, for many smaller companies, the traditional sneeze guard became more essential than ever. Their increased prevalence might have lead you to believe that sneeze guards are simply a precaution. However, they are an effective safety measure – and for many businesses, an essential part of compliance.

Where Might I Need a Sneeze Guard?

All sorts of places need sneeze guards. Fundamentally, you can use a sneeze guard anywhere you want to protect staff from customers.

Restaurants and bakeries – Food on display should be protected against sneezes and other potential hygiene issues. This is particularly true of buffets and other types of service where food is left exposed to customers.

Cash registers – Staff working at cash registers and tills are face to face with customers for a long period of time. With potentially hundreds of customers producing germs, a sneeze guard can help keep staff safe and reduce the chances of disease transmission.

Reception desks – Greeting customers, visitors and guests needs some degree of protection. In the same way as staff at a cash register can be at risk from germs, so can staff who work at reception desks.

Pharmacies & doctor’s offices – Public hygiene is essential at medical facilities. Sneeze Guards can help protect not just staff, but essential cleanliness such as medical storage.

Schools – Schools continue to be faced with the problem of the transmission of COVID-19, even as the pandemic subsides in other aspects of society.

Gyms & fitness studios – When people exercise, they sweat and breath more heavily. This produces a range of potential hygiene issues. Sneeze Guards are not only used to stop sneezes, but the transmission of all types of potential infections.

How effective are Sneeze Guards?

Sneeze Guards have been proven to be an effective means of stopping some types of infection. In the same way as a face mask, they provide a physical barrier to water droplets. We produce these droplets from our noses and mouths without realising it – but they are responsible for much of the transmission of disease.

Sneeze guards have been found to be up to 70% effective at stopping the spread of particles across a room. This has been tested in a simulated cough scenario, where around 70% of particles were found to have been stopped by the screen. Research by the UK Government , has also found that Sneeze Guards can be found to reduce the risk of transmission of air-borne water droplets from exhaled breath at shorter distances – such as 2 metres. However, the research does suggest that screens do not provide as much protection at longer range.

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