How do I organise a Safety Screens installation at my premises?

white Sliding patio screen door fitted to conservatory

Safety Screens are the leading manufacturer, installer and distributor of a range of screening products across the UK. We specialise in helping other pest control businesses provide a range of fly/insect and other proofing products to their customers – without needing to have the stock or experience themselves. We organise, supply and even fit the screens for you – and all under your brand!

What is a Safety Screen?

A safety screen is a broad definition for any kind of screening that makes a place of work safer. Many places of work either need to abide by certain regulations, or simply want to improve the health and safety conditions. A safety screen might be a fly screen that is designed to prevent insects from entering a building. It might also be a sneeze guard that is designed to separate a person or an object from another person. Finally, a safety screen does not need to be exclusively for commercial use. Many people choose to fit screens across their windows at home.

Who Needs a Safety Screen?

A wide range of buildings need screening of some type. They can, however, be divided into two types: domestic & commercial. Domestic buildings might need fly screening if they are in an area with a lot of insects – perhaps a local river in warmer months is home to many flies. A person with a severe allergy to particular insects might also be keen to prevent them entering the building.

Businesses that deal with food have a regulatory requirement to prevent insects from entering their premises. This might mean they need to fit fly / insect screens on their windows and doors. They also might need to fit screens such as sneeze guards if they have food out on display.

How can I organise a Screen fitting?

To arrange fitting a fly screen or other safety screen, your best bet is to get in touch with us. We can source and fit screens to fit any kind of window – no matter how difficult it might seem. However, we will need some details to help decide what your client needs. When you get in touch, we need a few details to determine exactly what space you need to fill and with what sort of screen. You can get in touch over the phone, email or through our online quote form.

The Safety Screens Method

Safety Screens are experts in fitting screens for other companies (B2B). If you need to fit a pest control screen, but don’t have the time or inclination to complete the process yourself, then Safety Screens can step in and complete it all for you. When we arrive on site, we use unbranded vans and uniforms. Your paperwork can even be customised to have your logo. We never mention the name Safety Screens, so your business can provide a seamless service – from start to end. This enables you to no longer turn down business generated by your website but at the other end of the Country as Safety Screens become your Nationwide installation team!

Our technicians are experienced enough to know how to fit a screen in any kind of circumstance, and with all screening manufactured at your customers premises it takes the pressure off yourselves and your customer to be 100% exact with your measurements.