How to Keep Flies Out of the Conservatory in Summer

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In the warmer months of the year, it can be satisfying to have your doors and windows wide open to allow breezes to help cool the house. This is particularly true of houses that have conservatories and French windows. These spaces can get very hot very easily in the summer, so you need to be able to keep the doors and windows as open as possible to keep the space pleasant to be in. However, for many people around the country, this is made impossible to live with through the presence of flies. Flies getting into your conservatory can make the experience of using the room unpleasant. So, how can you prevent flies from getting into your conservatory in the summer?

Why are there lots of flies in the conservatory?

The first thing to consider is why you have flies in your conservatory. This is not just a question of ‘how do they get in’, so much as it is an issue of ‘why do they want to come in’. Flies are not intelligent creatures. To them, your conservatory is a more comfortable, safer version of outside. It is likely warmer, less windy and has a greater amount of the types of things they like to eat. That means that your conservatory is an attractive proposition to flies.


How to deal with flies in your conservatory

One approach is to kill all of the flies that manage to get into your conservatory. The classic rolled up newspaper might be the old fashioned approach to dealing with flies, but it has been surpassed in efficiency. The fly swatter can deal with individual flies quite effectively. However, it does require some effort. Slightly easier is fly spray. Fly spray is an easier approach, though still requires you to chase individual insects, and can produce unwanted chemical after-effects. Finally, fly paper can kill insects without you needing to do anything, although it is unattractive and can smell.


How to stop flies getting into your conservatory

They best way to deal with flies in your conservatory is not to have to kill them, individually or otherwise. It is to prevent flies from getting in in the first place. How can you stop flies getting in your conservatory, and what difference can it make?

External traps

One of the easier ways to stop flies from coming into your home is to give them something more interesting and attractive to focus on outside of the conservatory. A fly trap is an effective way to attract and trap insects before they enter your home at all. While you can purchase a range of fly traps ready-made, it is also easy to produce your own. Simply take a large jar, and part fill it with sugar water. Then, place a cone of paper point down into the jar, without touching the water. Flies will enter the cone to get to the sugar water, but not be able to escape back through the cone, trapping them.


Internal sliding patio fly screens

The most effective way to prevent flies entering your conservatory is to have sliding fly screens fitted. Sliding Patio screens from Safety Screens can protect your conservatory or French window from insects, no matter how wide open you have your doors. Insect screens allow all the fresh air to enter your home, but do not allow insects to get in. Sliding screens from Safety Screens combine ventilation with pest prevention – and can even guard against pet claws with a durable pet mesh option.

To learn more about the options available to you for internal screening, view our detailed product pages, or get in touch to discuss what types of screening might be right for you.