Mesh Screens for Windows & Doors: An Eco Alternative

Eco-Friendly Insect Screens

Many industries are endeavouring to replace their processes and offerings with sustainable solutions. One industry that is known for its use of chemicals and toxins is Pest Control. Now, we know that sometimes this just can’t be avoided and may even be the best solution to a problem, but there are ways that the impact can be reduced. Insect mesh and mesh screen doors can provide an eco-friendly alternative as a preventative measure, avoiding the problem before it even takes hold.


Mesh screen window


Benefits of Mesh Screens for Doors & Windows

Fly screens are an alternative solution to a fly or insect problem, avoiding the use of chemicals to kill or keep them out of homes and businesses. Many are looking for an eco-friendly and chemical free method to prevent flying insects from entering premises, but there are many other benefits to fly screen windows and doors for a variety of premises.

Beyond their primary function of insect protection, mesh screens help improve indoor air quality by encouraging the opening of windows and doors and reducing the need for artificial cooling systems. In today’s economic and environmental climate, reducing the cost of temperature regulation and the environmental impact on our planet is an important consideration. Additionally, allergen reduction can also contribute to a better living or working environment. As well insect protection, fly screens can filter out allergens like dust and pollen to improve air quality for those prone to allergen reactions.


Closeup of a Fly on a Mesh Fly Screen

Insect Screens

It’s easy to mistakenly think mesh screens are just for keeping out flying insects, but an insect screen can prevent a multitude of bugs from entering areas whilst still allowing fresh air to circulate. One of the easiest ways to keep areas clean and cobweb-free is to avoid insects being able to come inside in the first place. Whether maintaining hygiene is essential or simply because spaces should be kept clean and tidy for employees or customers, fly screens for windows and doors can assist.

Window Fly Screen

Fly screens for windows can be complex, with such a wide variety of window types and opening systems. However, especially for areas that are close to damp environments like coasts and forests, insect screening is paramount. That’s why innovative fly screening solutions, such as magnetic fly screens or a roller fly screen, are essential in producing an insect free environment.

Door Fly Screens

Aside from insect protection, fly screen doors can introduce an added level of security whilst maintaining the ability to let in outside air. Reduce the likelihood of unauthorised entry whilst adhering to hygiene standards with secure fly screen options. Ultra durable fly screen doors ensures year round protection from flies and other insects, with options suitable for single doors, bi-fold doors and all conventional doors in various openings and dimensions.

Mesh Screen Door

Bespoke Fly Screens

Safety Screens offers a wide range of fly screen windows and doors that can be fitted to even the most tricky of door and window frames. We can supply and fit the highest quality fly screens for Velux windows, sliding fly screens for french doors and innovative solutions for any window frame and door. Bespoke solutions and RAL colour matching means whatever you need, Safety Screens can provide. Made to measure fly screens are simply a phone call away. Contact us, obtain a quote, win the job and we will do the rest.