What are the different types of flyscreen windows?

white Sliding patio screen door fitted to conservatory

As the weather warms up, we start to want to open the windows. For plenty of people, this comes without any downsides. However, for many people, this allows flies and other insects to enter the building. Fly screens can help reduce and even stop the number of unwanted visitors entering your rooms – and keep your building hygienic at the same time.

What are flyscreen windows for?

Flyscreen windows have one simple purpose – to prevent flies and other insects from entering buildings. However, there are multiple reasons that you would need to do this. While flyscreens can be important domestically – particularly if you live near water courses or marshy areas – they are most important for businesses. Pest control legislation states that any business involved in the food industry needs some form of insect screening. This is not only restaurants and cafes, but the rest of the supply chain as well. Flyscreen windows are an essential part of staying compliant with the regulations.

Standard Flyscreens

A standard flyscreen window fits across the interior of your existing window. It has a strong, durable frame made from aluminium. This frame is kept in place with a combination of hinges and turn buttons to ensure that the screen is firmly in place. However, the screen is also easily removable for cleaning. A nylon Brush makes the seal around the outside secure against almost all flying insects.

Sliding Flyscreens

A sliding flyscreen window is a simple way of screening your windows, while still allowing for you to access them easily for cleaning. They are made of two independently moving sliding screens. They slide along a sturdy outer framework of hard wearing aluminium. Our sliding flyscreens can move horizontally or vertically. For larger windows, triple sliders are also an option.

Retractable Flyscreen  Windows

A retractable flyscreen for your windows is suitable for all sorts of use – from business to domestic use. They are great for wooden or uPVC windows, as they can blend seamlessly into the existing window without causing damage or obstruction. They are easy to operate, and have a smooth action. Anti-wind mechanisms ensure that the mesh remains inside the guides – even when under pressure.

Canopy Box Flyscreen Windows

Sometimes, internal screening is not possible. This means that only external screens can be fitted. As a result, you might have a problem with opening your windows at all – making the screen unnecessary. In order to still be able to open your windows, but maintain the required screening, we can fit a canopy box insect screen to go over the area of the window. This will be large enough to allow you to still open the window safely.

Flyscreen Windows from Safety Screens

We are nationwide experts in fitting a wide range of different flyscreen windows – on all sorts of windows. If you are a pest-control company, and need to broaden your offering into preventative measures such as screening, get in touch to see how we can help. However, we don’t just offer business screening – our work is also suitable for home & domestic use.

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