What sorts of Businesses need Fly Screen Doors?

Flies and insects can be a problem for many types of businesses. They are unsanitary, unpleasant to have around and potentially dangerous. However, many businesses do not take the necessary steps to protect their premises and customers from unwanted pests. As a pest control specialist, you have the opportunity to improve your customers’ hygiene and safety in ways they might not have realised were necessary.

The Food Industry

The industry that most needs to make use of fly screen doors and window fly screens is the food industry. Any business in the food industry is required by law to take active steps to prevent flies and insects from entering the premises. This is essential – as the food industry relies on good hygiene to be successful. The food industry takes into account any business involved with the production of food – at any stage in the process. This might mean cafes and restaurants that serve food, but it can also mean factories and warehouses that store or produce anything involved with food, from ingredients to storage boxes.


Schools, colleges and universities often work through the warmer months. Overly warm classrooms are not conducive to effective learning, meaning that many educational facilities resort to leaving the doors and windows open. Increasing numbers of younger people suffer from allergies to insect stings and bites, meaning that keeping the classroom comfortable is not always completely safe. Fly screen doors and windows can help keep a school or university cool, even without air conditioning.

Residential facilities

People who live in retirement communities or other residential facilities often need to be kept in as safe an environment as possible, as they often suffer from health issues. However, this can often make for a less pleasant environment. Having to stay indoors can be stuffy and frustrating. Fly screen doors and windows allow fresh breezes to enter the room, without allowing for any unhygienic or even dangerous flies and insects to enter.


Hygiene is essential in a healthcare environment. Hospitals, doctors surgeries, hospices and other healthcare facilities need to be maintained at the highest possible standards of cleanliness. This means that while they need to be cleaned frequently, they also need to be designed in a way that decreases the chances of becoming unhygienic in the future. Fly screen doors and windows are designed to prevent unwanted bugs from entering, while maintaining cool breezes from outside.


The weather in the UK is warming. Every summer becomes slightly hotter and more uncomfortable for millions across the country. For people working in offices, this has made a high proportion of their summer difficult and unpleasant. Air conditioning is not economical for many companies in the UK, meaning that open windows and doors – which can allow wasps and other undesirable insects to enter – is often the only option available. Fly screen doors and windows can help to protect office workers from undesirable creatures.

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